On Accountability and Setting Goals.

Anne Vaeth
2 min readApr 9, 2022


If you left me to my own devices I’d probably never get anything done. I’m not lazy, or unmotivated, I just am very good at getting distracted by something new to complete any of the tasks or goals on my to-do list.

I’ve tried using planners and apps and year goals lists hanging on my walls. Nothing really worked. The planners and apps became out of sight out of mind and the paper on my walls started to blend in with its surroundings.

This year I knew I wanted to get more personal and professional goals accomplished. I knew I needed a new method.

I made a basic vision board. I made a list of my 2022 goals and hung it right above my desk so I’m forced to see it every day. But the thing that has helped the most? Monthly goals. Year-long resolutions and goals can be overwhelming and intimidating and incredibly easy to give up on. Monthly goals come with an “it’s only a few weeks” mentality, making them feel easier to accomplish.

Creating monthly goals and to-dos wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was going to be keeping myself accountable. And as I’ve already said, when left to my own devices things don’t get done.

I’ve done 3 things with my goals every month so far in 2022. And I’ve actually achieved all of them each time.

  1. Visualize them: if I don’t see something, it’s no longer on my mind. I’ve turned my laptop’s desktop wallpaper into a list of goals and tasks, changing it out each month.
  2. Visualize them part 2: I bought these dry erase things for my wall. I have two up, one features all my goals for the month, erased upon completion. The second is more immediate to-dos for the day or week.
  3. Accountability: I’ve been sharing my monthly goals on Twitter. Even if no one engages, or even looks at it, having them shared publicly forces me to work harder. I don’t want my end-of-the-month follow-up tweet to be “I failed,” and that’s enough motivation for me.

Of all these, the accountability factor feels like the biggest difference. I’ve never really been one to share my personal goals or plans or much at all in any type of public space. Yet, here I am.



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